Loryne Received her Study & Work Permit Approval

Congratulations to the lovely Loryne who received her Study & Work Permit Approval. Loryne first arrived in Canada in 2014. She left the Philippines to work in Dubai, but her main target was always Canada. She started with a work visa in the town of Red Deer, Alberta. Loryne first came to our office April[…]

Almost Out of Status to PR Approval!

From left to right: Rosario, Daniel, Joshua, Alexander (The Cucharo Family) & Carl Benito The Cucharo family was almost out of status and out of Canada. They came to Helping Migrants where we sent in their Express Entry application and, at the end of the day, they received permanent residency approval for the whole family. Today[…]

Edmonton TFW Christmas Party 2015

Hello Kabayan, We Filipinos have always celebrated Christmas as a party — a birthday party for Jesus! We have always come together this time of the year to give thanks to Jesus, to share our blessings, to exchange gifts, to dance and sing, to enjoy a good meal with special people in our lives. That[…]