Another Approval for the Helping Migrant Team

  Luther receives approval for his Visitor Permit Application through the assistance of Carl Benito’s elite immigration consulting agency ‘Triple Maple Leaf Canada’ and the Helping Migrants team!   WE CAN HELP YOU, GET YOUR APPROVAL TOO View this video to see how: From out-of-status to PR approval? EXPRESS ENTRY to Canada? Come and VISIT us 8:00 to 11:00[…]

Visitor Permit for Marcos

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Marcos Kidatan, and Carl Benito. Marcos Kidatan first arrived in Canada January 6th 2012, with full intentions to support his family back home in the Philippines. He wanted to have the funds to support his children’s education. He worked as as a General Laborer at Fairmont Electro-Plating until his[…]

Visitor Visa for Ferdinand

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Ferdinand Orian, and Carl Benito. There are several different immigration programs and ways to apply for permanent residence and immigration consultant Carl Benito will help you choose the program that will work best for you and your family. Ferdinand Orian first arrived in Canada April 24th 2013 for the[…]