Marlon Bryan Salimbay

  Marlon Bryan Salimbay received his Study Permit and Open Work Permit today through the assistance of immigration consultation Carl Benito.     LET CARL HELP YOU TOO From out-of-status to PR approval? EXPRESS ENTRY to Canada? Your referral would be much appreciated❗️Bring a friend❗️ Come and VISIT us 8:00 to 11:00 AM Tuesday-Saturday, We[…]

Loryne Received her Study & Work Permit Approval

Congratulations to the lovely Loryne who received her Study & Work Permit Approval. Loryne first arrived in Canada in 2014. She left the Philippines to work in Dubai, but her main target was always Canada. She started with a work visa in the town of Red Deer, Alberta. Loryne first came to our office April[…]

Two Open-Work-Permit Approvals! Another Good Day for Helping Migrants

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Zaldy Castillo, Jocelyn Danan, Carl Benito Zaldy Castillo received a Study Permit and Open Work Permit, whereas Jocelyn Danan has a Open Work Permit. This was done through the assistance of Immigration Consultation Carl Benito and the Helping Migrants Team. Another great day at the office!   DO YOU NEED HELP YOU[…]

Study Permit for Laurence

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Laurence Dahilig, and CJ Benito. Laurence Dahilig has been in Canada over two years. He came here to support his family back home in the Philippines. He resided in Spruce Grove, Alberta (the ninth largest city in Alberta) and worked as a Sanitation Worker. However, he soon found himself[…]

Study Permit for Enrique

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Enrique Bayquen and CJ Benito. Like any father, Enrique Bayquen wants the best for his children even if that means he has to sacrifice not being able to watch them grow up. Enrique came to Canada on July 18, 2014 with the dream of a bright future for his family. He[…]

Study Permit for Ruchelle

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Ruchelle Alona Patangui, and Carl Benito. Most Filipinos are forced by necessity to leave their homeland to work and live in other countries due to lack of opportunities and the ever-troublesome situation in the Philippines. On July 29, 2010, Ruchelle Alona Patangui arrived in Canada with the intention to[…]

Study Permit for Gerlie

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Gerlie Garnica, and Carl Benito. Gerlie Garnica originally entered Canada on February 20, 2014 to start a new chapter in her life. She worked as a Food Counter Attendant in a small town called Rocky Mountain House in the province of Alberta. Time passed by so quickly Gerlie didn’t[…]

Study Permits for Margie & Preslie

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Margie Regalado and Preslie Alinan. THE FOLLOWING IS THE UNEDITED MESSAGE FROM PRESLIE ALINAN I first arrived in Canada last February 2012 to work at Fas Gas in Clyde, Alberta. Natapos na lahat ng Working Permit ko bilang Cashier at Retail Supervisor pero dahil sa cap na 4 years naging mailap[…]