Study Permit for Reynaldo

Reynaldo Pepito first came to Canada in March 2014 to be able to provide for the needs of his family in the Philippines. He worked as a food counter attendant at the Canadian Brewhouse in Calgary, Alberta until the expiration of his work permit in March 2016. Wanting to immerse himself in the education system[…]

Study Permit for Ronald

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Ronald de Villa, and CJ Benito. Over 300,000 people from all over the world came to Canada as students in 2015. They are a boon to the Canadian economy as they bring in millions of dollars in expenditures. Canada welcomes international students with open arms. Immigration consultant Carl Benito[…]

Study Permit for Emelie

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Emelie Ramos, and Carlito Benito. An author once wrote that “the phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.” This is particularly true for Emelie Ramos. As a mother, Emelie Ramos works incessantly in Canada to raise her family in the Philippines. Her desire to give her daughter, Kathleen Joy Ramos, a[…]

Study Permit for Elvi

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Elvi Tacderan, and CJ Benito. A better life, freedom, the ability to buy nice things, wide open spaces, the openness of city streets – these are some of the come-ons that enticed Elvi Tacderan to fly to Canada in April 2012. But the primary reason why Elvi moved from[…]

Study Permit for Juniseto

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Juniseto Peloton, and CJ Benito. There’s nothing wrong with kababayans leaving the Philippines, to try their luck abroad. What is important is that they must have the right reasons for leaving, because starting a life in a foreign country is not a simple task. Juniseto Peloton left the Philippines[…]