Study Permit for Juniseto

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Juniseto Peloton, and CJ Benito. There’s nothing wrong with kababayans leaving the Philippines, to try their luck abroad. What is important is that they must have the right reasons for leaving, because starting a life in a foreign country is not a simple task. Juniseto Peloton left the Philippines[…]

Study Permit for Marlon

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Marlon Ducalang, and CJ Benito. Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum recently said that students “are the best source of immigrants, in the sense that they’re educated, they’re young, they speak English or French, they know something of the country.” That is why the Minister thinks that the Canadian government[…]

Work Permit for Jimmy

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Jimmy Bautista Jr, and CJ Benito. Canada loves to welcome job-ready immigrants like Jimmy Bautista Jr because of their age, education, language skills, work experience, and ability to positively contribute to the Canadian economy. Jimmy arrived in Canada in May 2013 to work as a food service counter attendant[…]