Study Permit for Kristine

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Martin Alexis Valdez, Kristine Valdez, Dexter Sadicon, and CJ Benito. Living permanently in Canada – it’s a dream many people have. But to Kristine Valdez, there is something equally important to living permanently in Canada. And it is to simply live! Kristine is battling with a life-threatening illness. Kristine[…]

Study Permit for Nikka

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Bonifacio Maguide, Nikka Camille Calixto, Summer Lexi Maguide, and CJ Benito. The Philippine government is often seen as corrupt, incompetent, and in dire need of forward-thinking leadership. There’s progress, but it’s sluggish and people are getting impatient. Irritated by the corrupt government and by the widespread poverty in her[…]

Study Permit for Jayson

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Jayson Tauya, and Carl Benito. Jayson Tauya arrived in Canada March of 2014, with the objective to work. He worked as a food counter attendant in Calgary, Alberta, the city known for its friendly western hospitality and its culturally diverse and thriving metropolis. On January 16, 2016, Jayson found[…]

Study Permit for Walter

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Arcega and Carl Benito. Walter Arcega came to Canada in May 2013 to work as a journeyman insulator with URS Flint in Edmonton, Alberta. The economic slump in Alberta has caused thousands of job losses across the province and Walter is unfortunately one those who lost his much-needed employment. Walter[…]