Not One, Not Two, But Three Canadian Permits


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Camilo Bala and Carl Benito.

Camilo Bala is holding not one, not two, but three Canadian permits – a work permit extension for himself, an open work permit extension for his wife and a study permit extension for his son. He got these three precious permits through the help of Carl Benito, an Edmonton-based immigration consultant who used to serve as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of the Province of Alberta.

Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian permanent residence, work permit, study permit, driver’s license, and other immigration processes should contact Carl Benito by phone 780-298-4308 or by email

2 thoughts on “Not One, Not Two, But Three Canadian Permits

  • Hello po sir,Im curious if ever I will come to canada with a study permit, Can i let my minor daughter come with me? If not, how long does it take in order to be with me in Canada? My husband is currently in Canada as a visitor since he just got his extension to stay as a visitor, since his working permit expired last year. Does his stay in canada affect my study permit application? is it necessary for him to leave canada while my papers is processed?

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