Open Work Permit for Gammariel


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Gammariel Waris and Carl Benito.

High unemployment rate and low wages in the Philippines pushed Gammariel Waris to come to Canada in April 2008. For more than seven years now, Gammariel worked as a rubber processing machine operator in what is now known as Sturgeon County, in the province of Alberta.

A rule that came into effect in April 1, 2011 prohibits foreign workers who have accumulated four years of work from working in Canada again until a period of four years has elapsed. Aware that he would reach his four-year maximum in October 2015, Gammariel applied for Canadian permanent residency through the Express Entry program in September 2015. Carl Benito, an Edmonton-based immigration consultant, helped Gammariel process his Express Entry application. Carl also suggested to Gammariel that he should apply for an open work permit so that he could continue working while his Express Entry was in process. Gammariel heeded Carl’s advice and submitted his open work permit application in October 2015. His application was approved and Gammariel received his Open Work Permit on January 17, 2016.

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