Open Work Permit for Raj


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito and Raj Kumar Bhandari.

Many people think that Carl Benito only caters to Filipino clients, but in reality he also renders his services to people of other nationalities. One such client is Raj Kumar Bhandari, who is Nepalese by birth and by citizenship. Raj Kumar hired Carl to process his open work application as the spouse of someone who holds a permit to study in Canada.

Yes, you read it right, your spouse or common-law partner may apply for an open work permit if you have a valid study permit. And, because of your study permit, your spouse does not need a job offer or a labour market opinion from Service Canada in order to be eligible for an open work permit.

Raj Kumar received his open work permit last January 23, 2016.

Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian permanent residence, work permit, study permit, driver’s license, and other immigration processes should contact Carl Benito by phone 780-298-4308 or by email To book your appointment with Carl please go to this link:

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