Study Permit for Rowena


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito and Rowena Corre.

Rowena Corre first arrived in Canada in February 2014 brimming with hope for a brighter future. She worked as a food counter attendant at Tim Hortons until the expiration of her work permit in January 2016. Alarmed by the impending expiration of her work permit, Rowena sought out immigration consultant Carl Benito’s help in November 2015. Carl elaborated on the multiple paths she could take to remain in Canada legally.

After Carl explained to Rowena her options, he gave her time to think. On December 21, 2015, Rowena decided that she would have Carl submit a study permit application on her behalf. Through the unparalleled support and assistance extended by Carl, Rowena’s application became effortless and uncomplicated. Almost exactly a month later, Rowena received the good news that her application was approved on January 26, 2016. Upon receiving her study permit from Carl, Rowena was “overwhelmed with happiness” and exclaimed that all her “stress was washed away”.

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