A Story of True Love


True love is a source of strength and courage. Say it to Martin Alexis Valdez and Kristine Sadicon and they’ll surely give you two thumbs up. Before Kristine tied the knot with Martin last Monday afternoon, 21 September 2015, she came straight from the hospital for a chemotherapy session. Hard to believe, but underneath Kristine’s happy countenance is a young woman battling with cancer. Yet throughout the wedding ceremony, Kristine never felt weak nor downhearted. And it is because standing beside her is the man whose love, faithfulness and devotion have given her the strength she needs to face cancer head on. The presence of their friends also communicated to the bride and groom that they need not worry because they are surrounded by people who will always be there for them. Right after their wedding celebration Kristine went straight to the hospital for another chemotherapy session.

The wedding was held at the residence of Carl Benito in Edmonton, Alberta. Carl did not only play host to the solemn ceremony, he also led his Triple Maple Leaf Canada (TMLC) staff to make Martin and Kristine’s wedding extra special and unforgettable. That’s because Carl Benito and his TMLC staff does not only help people process immigration papers but also help make their dreams come true.

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