H&C Approval for Louella


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl Benito, Louella Ellar, Natalie Faith Cortez, and Nathaniel Cortez.

I am Louella Ellar. I strongly believe that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Learn to live life without worries because God will take care of everything, trust and just have faith.

In July 2013, I arrived in Canada as a temporary foreign worker. In few months of working here, big amount of money I sent to my family in Philippines. I am the only one who supports my mother and brothers. Also, I help my nephews and nieces for their schooling. In addition to that, I lend money to my uncle, aunt and cousin. In July 2014, I married Nathaniel Cortez, who came to Canada one year ahead of me as a temporary foreign worker also.

Time flies, we had a baby girl born in June 2015 and we named her Natalie Faith. During my pregnancy, we face so much trials in our lives. My husband Nathaniel this time was just finished working in the farm. Also, I was so much sick when I’m bearing my baby, so most of the time I’m off from work. In addition to that, it was hard to find a positive LMIA this time due to Canadian economic crisis. Moreover, a month after my baby was born, my employment contract ended.

Now, this is the story how God made a way for me to meet Kuya Carl Benito, who became my consultant for my application for Permanent Residence in Canada. My husband’s eldest sister is working in Saipan as a dentist and she has a friend who is working in a life insurance company in Canada. My husband’s sister introduced Nathaniel and me to her friend Marie Javier, who became my advisor for my life insurance. I told Marie Javier about my status and she referred Kuya Carl Benito to me because she believed that Kuya can help me find a solution to my difficult situation.

In January 2015, I contacted and met Kuya Carl and, yes, he truly helped me. He advised me to apply for Permanent Residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds. Kuya Carl told me to gather all documents needed so I could apply immediately.

In March 2015, we submitted our H&C Application to CIC. In May 2015, we got the file number but our application was returned to us due to some missing documents. We resubmitted it in June 2015. In December 2015, CIC started processing my H&C Application. I got the approval in March 2016.

Me and my family are very thankful to Kuya Carl and his staff for helping us to become permanent residents in Canada. Thank you very much Kuya Carl Benito.

Are you worried about your status in Canada? Just contact Kuya Carl Benito. He will truly help you. To God be the glory.

Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian permanent residence, work permit, study permit, driver’s license, and other immigration processes should contact Carl Benito by phone 780-298-4308 or by email helpingmigrants@gmail.com. To book your appointment with Carl please go to this link: http://helpingmigrants.setmore.com.

Carl considers his work in immigration consultancy as his own way of honoring God. His experience as member of the Alberta Legislature (2008-2012), his exposure to people of various origins as well as his devout faith in God have inspired Carl to dedicate himself to helping immigrants. As an immigrant himself, Carl fully understands that finding work, extending status and moving to Canada is an extremely challenging process. That is why he prayed hard that God may use him as instrument in helping immigrants find work, study, extend their permit and re-unite with their loved ones through various immigration processes, including permanent residency and citizenship in Canada. Carl is not only sincere, honest and hardworking, he is also trustworthy as his only desire is to honour God in everything that he does.

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