Study Permit for Ruchelle


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: CJ Benito, Ruchelle Alona Patangui, and Carl Benito.

Most Filipinos are forced by necessity to leave their homeland to work and live in other countries due to lack of opportunities and the ever-troublesome situation in the Philippines. On July 29, 2010, Ruchelle Alona Patangui arrived in Canada with the intention to support her family back home, primarily her daughter. Ruchelle has been working various jobs in Calgary since her arrival. She regularly sends the much needed money to support her daughter through school and provide for her daily needs.

However, with her work permit already expiring, she paid a visit to Immigration Consultant Carl Benito early February 2016. After her consultation and her options explained to her, she decided to have Carl submit a study permit application on her behalf. All Ruchelle had to do was give basic information such as her birthday, address, some passport photos and, voila, she was done. Carl’s office took care of all the paperwork and her application was submitted a couple days later.

On April 8, 2016, Ruchelle received the much needed good news – she was approved for a Study Permit. A Study Permit is very powerful: 1) She can now work legally 20 hours a week or full time during summer holidays, 2) It extends her stay in Canada and 3) Her family one step closer to join her permanently here in Canada.

Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian permanent residence, work permit, study permit, driver’s license, and other immigration processes should contact Carl Benito by phone 780-298-4308 or by email To book your appointment with Carl please go to this link:

Carl considers his work in immigration consultancy as his own way of honoring God. His experience as member of the Alberta Legislature (2008-2012), his exposure to people of various origins as well as his devout faith in God have inspired Carl to dedicate himself to helping immigrants. As an immigrant himself, Carl fully understands that finding work, extending status and moving to Canada is an extremely challenging process. That is why he prayed hard that God may use him as instrument in helping immigrants find work, study, extend their permit and re-unite with their loved ones through various immigration processes, including permanent residency and citizenship in Canada. Carl is not only sincere, honest and hardworking, he is also trustworthy as his only desire is to honour God in everything that he does.

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