Crazy With Joy


“Nababaliw sa tuwa (crazy with joy),” was how Nenita Ferrer (standing) described her feeling to her immigration consultant, Carl Benito (seated), when she finally received her Canadian Permanent Resident Card last 30 September 2015 through the latter’s assistance.

Nenita came to Edmonton, Canada in April 2007 to work as a cook. Her work permit expired seven years later. When she lost her status in April 2014, she applied for an extension of her work permit and also even tried to get a visitor permit, but to no avail. Due to her lack of legal status, Nenita was in constant fear that she would be deported to her home country. The possibility of deportation made her “nababaliw sa takot (crazy with fear)”, she said.

Nenita came to Carl Benito’s immigration consultancy office in July 2014. Carl told her that the best way for her to remain legally in Canada is to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) on humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds. Nenita agreed and Carl lost no time in helping her complete her H&C application. They were able to send Nenita’s application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in November 2014. A few months later, they received a letter from CIC that Nenita’s PR application was approved.

Anyone who wants to apply for Canadian permanent residence, work permit, study permit, renewal of driver’s license with expired work permit, and other immigration processes should contact Carl Benito by phone 780-298-4308 or by email — with Ferrer Nenita and Carl Benito.

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